How Your DNS Can Affect Your SEO?

SEO Ottawa companies get to heat this quite often, “Whether DNS is going to affect the SEO?” Well, to some extent, when one moves their website to a new server or DNS from their old one can affect the site’s SEO up to a certain extent. However, before you delve deep into the topic, you need to have a clear idea about what changing DNS means.


DNS or Nameservers

The DNS will convert the host and internet domain names into IP address and vice versa. Basically, on the Internet, DNS can convert the names that users type in the web browser address bar to an IP address of the web server hosting site. Now it’s time to take a look into how DNS can affect SEO. In order to learn about it, one needs to go through two different things. Take a look below:

Changing a single DNS Record

If you are having a website, you will be having a DNS record. For a content to become live, it is important to point the domain to a web server and create ‘A’ record. The A record will drive all traffic looking for your domain to your web server. So when this record gets changed, site performance issue can crop up. SEO Ottawa companies can easily tell why this happens.  The DNS record gets cached and changing DNS can affect the ranking. In case, users are sent to a place which doesn’t exist anymore, Google will consider it as a 404 error. Negative experience would definitely affect the ranking of the site.

Changing DNS Providers

Does changing DNS provider can affect ranking? It totally depends on the provider from who you are hiring. If faster resolution time is offered by the provider’s then change in the ranking across SERPs can be seen. Or else, opposite would happen. Hence, during any record changes it is important to reduce the TTL of your records. It would help resolving name servers not to get cached.

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Faster DNS Improves SEO

Now, another question which often comes across the mind of expert is DNS speed. Thus, people might question whether or not faster DNS improves SEO. SEO Ottawa professionals can answer this question easily.

If DNS fails to resolve fast, it would take a page a lot of time to load. Too much of loading time is bound to affect SEO. Hence, it is crucial to make sure of the fact that a website is reachable to end users. Also, if a name server is close to end-user, it would take less time to answer user’s query.

When target audience is not able to locate the new server of the site, it can affect the ranking. One of the ranking rules by Google is IP address that a website uses should be close to the user. Thus, a SEO Ottawa company can very well explain that changing DNS won’t affect SEO directly, but it can affect SEO results in other ways.

These are some issues which one can encounter when moving a site to a new host. Hence, SEO Ottawa professionals feel that it’s crucial to take their consultation before changing the DNS of a site. Here are more tips by Ottawa SEO professionals to rank online

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