About Students

Some statistics about our students
Over 1000 of Canada’s most talented high school students have attended our campuses since the Academy began in 1987.

Half of our graduates are female.
Our students have come from every province and territory in Canada – from Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, to Prince Rupert, British ColumbiaOver 80% of the grads surveyed report that they are pursuing, or intend to pursue, careers in science or engineering. Close to 60% of the grads surveyed said their DRSA experience encouraged them to consider a career in research. Some even began their careers with an acknowledgement of their DRSA contribution in published papers. Many DRSA grads go on to win prestigious Canada-wide scholarships and awards.

Phenomenal experience:
The experience was phenomenal. It opened my eyes to a new scientific world. I made friendships that will last forever. I loved it. Andrew Munoz

Most fulfilling time of my life:
I felt that my experience at DRSA was one of the most fulfilling times in my life. I was able to learn so much about the real world of research at AECL. It really shed some light on what science can be all about….I think DRSA is truly a time of self discovery. Alana Oikonen

Definitely recommend the DRSA:
I enjoyed the academy a lot. This was the first time I had ever done real scientific research. The Academy has definitely proved to me that science is the only career choice for me. Everything I’d ever do would have to be in science. I have also met the best group of people I had ever known. Everyone at the DRSA has a potential for greatness, and that is what’s so great. I would definitely recommend the DRSA to everyone. Eugene Zassoko

More than High School:
The DRSA has given me the chance to get a head start on my peers. I will go back to school with so much more practical knowledge and skills. I have had the opportunity to be supervised by a scientist, an opportunity many high school students will never have. Thanks DRSA for a great summer.
Dimitri Edirmanasinghe

Exciting Lab Experience:
Each person I talked to at AECL had so much information that every day was something to look forward to – exciting just talking to them. It was a really good feeling to have people all interested in science and there was no one to hold me back from going ahead. Krystal Godri

Experience of a Lifetime:
The Deep River Science Academy is definitely the experience of a lifetime. Not only did I get to learn a lot in terms of science; I got the opportunity to learn many important things about the great people I met, my future and about myself. It is wonderful being able to meet so many people that are like yourself, but are so different at the same time. Already, I am finding it hard to describe the past 6 weeks, and I know that the only way for anyone to understand is to experience it for themselves. Nidhee Jadeja

Influenced my Goals:
The research experience is definitely an important part of the DRSA experience. I got the opportunity to be part of the work force first hand, and it has definitely influenced my goals for the future. Nidhee Jadeja

Best experience of my life:
Attending the academy this summer was one of, if not the best experience of my life. I have always had a great love for the meticulous investigation of the universe that is science. The academy bolstered this love by allowing me to experience the reality of science, which is far more exciting than the variety I encounter daily in the classroom. I got to work with real scientists on a real problem facing society, and to use my mind to help solve that problem. If ever there was any doubt, I now know for sure that I will be a scientist one day. Rajnesh Singh

Excellent Experience:
My time at the DRSA has been excellent. I’ve made many friends and met several interesting people. At school my teacher was great, he kept us interested and involved through the program…. At work my Research Assistant was patient and very helpful. The scientists were very nice and were willing to explain anything. Brendan Joyce

A rewarding experience:
DRSA was a great experience for me. I loved it and had the best time here. The research work at AECL was amazing. I learned so much there and had fun using all of the various instruments and techniques…. Although some things were, and always will be confusing, the experience was very rewarding and an incredible insight to research and science in the working world. Stephen Schalm

Excellent recreation:
The recreational part was excellent. There was a lake to swim in, basketball and volleyball and BRIDGE all at the residence. That isn’t even including the hikes, canoeing, bus rides and the trip to Ottawa. It was easy to make friends with everyone, and everyone grew so close by the end of the 6 weeks. In all, the experience was awesome and I’m thankful that I made the decision to come. I recommend the experience to everyone! Stephen Schalm

Best summer of my life:
DRSA was the best summer of my life. I came here homesick and scared and I’m leaving stronger and more sure of myself. I made friends I’ll never forget and I learned all about the real world of science. I have never been so sad to leave a place before, this experience will stay with me forever. Kassondra Stockman

An amazing summer:
The thing I liked best about this summer was meeting my friends. I’ll never forget them. The next greatest thing was the research at the lab. I got to do techniques that some people in university have only talked about. The scientists at the lab really treated us like adults, it’s been an amazing summer that has helped me decide that I want to pursue science in university. Ashley Tremblay