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Research Projects for 2008
Single R&D Project Descriptions
Project # S1 Title: Helicon Plasma Generator Tutor: Heather Morrison

Project # S2 Title: Design and Structural Characterization of Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Liposomes Tutor: Eric Nicholson

Project # S3 Title: Maple Syrup Physical and Chemical Property Investigations Tutor: Emily LaBine

Project # S4 Title: Regeneration in Forest Gaps Created by Natural and Human Events Tutor: Shivaan Burke

Project # S5 Title: Cellular Biological Responses to Environmental Stressors Tutor: Jin Choi

2008 Double R&D Project Descriptions

Project # D1 Title: Evaluation of Pulsed Eddy Current Methods for Characterization of Gaps Between Conductive Plates Tutor: Cliff Dugal

Project # D2 Title: End Slope Tool Prototype Evaluation Tutor: Dan MacDonald

Project # D3 Title: Characterization of Sliding Thermocouples for Use in Thermal Hydraulic Experiments Tutor: Scott Campbell

Project # D4 Title: Evaluating the biological responses to different stressors in different cell lines Tutor: Amy Festarini

Project # D5 Title: Exploring Wetland Biogeochemistry for Sustainable Environmental Protection Tutor: Alex Ibrahim

Project # D6 Title: Characterization of Pressure Tube Grain Structure Tutor: David Huang

Project # D7 Title: Soil Survey of Radon Gas in the Upper Ottawa Valley Tutor: Thomas Luloff

Project # D8 Title: Dynamic Measurements of Vibration and Tube-Support Impacts in Two-Phase Flow Tutor: Rishon Richard

Project # D9 Title: Sputtering and structural characterization of nanostructured thin metal films Tutor: Thom Bodahnowicz

Project # D10 Title: Ion Exchange Effect on the pH of CANDU HTS Coolant Tutor: Meghan Haycock

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Summer Program Dates

June 29th – Registration Day

June 30th – Orientation

July 2nd – Project work begins

August 8th – Last day of project work

August 9th – Graduation and departure


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Summer Program
The 2007 Summer program has just started. Information will be posted shortly.

2007 Program Dates:

July 1, 2007 – Arrival

July 2, 2007 – Orientation

July 3, 2007 – Project work begins

August 10, 2007 – last day of project work

August 11, 2007 – graduation and departure