What does the program cost?   

The fee for a session at DRSA is a value-packed investment in a student’s future. Generous financial support from our sponsors provides bursaries and scholarships.  A student who receives a full scholarship, based on merit, can attend the program at no cost to themselves.  The fee for Canadian students can be as low as $1450 with a bursary, depending on family income, and number of dependants in the family.

Deep River Campus

Whiteshell Campus

Total fee for the six week residential science research program,  with NO classroom component


Not Offered

Total fee for the six week residential science research program, with a classroom component


Not Offered

*without a bursary or scholarship.  Partial bursaries and full scholarships are available. See bursaries and scholarships for more details.

On acceptance to the program, students will be notified if they have received a scholarship or  the amount of bursary they are eligible for, together with advice on how to find further financial support in their own community.

The deposit of $250, accompanying applications, is refundable if the applicant is not selected. If the candidate is selected and is unable to accept a place, a $50 administration charge will be deducted from the deposit. Should the candidate be selected for the program and accept the placement, a further $250 to confirm attendance will be required within one week of being given a verbal offer. Final payment of the balance of fees will be required by sending a cheque postdated to June 15.

What is included in this program?

1) Accommodation

All student accommodation and meals are covered for the full six weeks.

2) Transportation

All students transportation from their residence to the research laboratory every day is also included. Several recreational trips are provided. For example at the Deep River campus weekend sports as well as trips to Ottawa and Algonquin Park are organized at no extra cost.

3) Research

DRSA hires one full-time Research Assistant for every two students (and, in special cases, for every three students) to oversee and direct their research work. The Research Assistant works with a professional scientist or engineer for eight weeks prior to the students’ arrival to prepare the research projects. This ensures that the students can join their research teams and quickly familiarize themselves with the context of the research, in order to get the most out of their six week experience.

4) Classroom Work

For students undertaking a classroom credit at Deep River campus, 110 hours of classroom work are provided.  For this option there is an additional cost of $300 to the basic student fee ($4,100 + $300 = $4,400)

(Note: The full cost to DRSA for each student is well in excess of the fees charged. DRSA actively searches for donations, bursaries and grants to allow us to offer the program to students at a fee of $4,400, or less)

Do you Need Financial Assistance?

Don’t hesitate to apply. Generous scholarships and bursaries are available. Over 50% of our students receive bursaries from the Academy (up to $2500 per student). Many students are also able to obtain additional support from their communities once they have been accepted at the Academy. If you require financial assistance, complete that section of the application form. For more information call our toll-free number 1-800-760-DRSA(3772).