How do our funders nurture young talent today to become our scientists of tomorrow?
Everyone agrees; government, teachers, scientists and business people, that a strong Canadian science research culture is essential to a globally competitive economy in the future. DRSA’s award-winning summer program is dedicated to giving students an exciting science and engineering research experience. Our students will be part of our research talent pool of tomorrow. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization, which relies on the continued support of our funding partners to fulfill our vision. Our funding partners and sponsors are helping to build a strong science and technology base for Canada as we enter the twenty-first century.

For the six-week program, the total cost for students to attend the Academy is $10,000 for tuition, accommodation, recreation, Research Assistant and teacher salaries and general administration. Students are asked to pay a fee of up to $4,400, which means the rest must be covered from the support we receive from our sponsors and funding partners. Seventy five per cent of our students are also eligible for bursary support to assist with the payment of the $4,400 fee, based on family income and the number of family dependants. These bursaries are provided to ensure accessibility to all talented students. Our Bursary Fund and Core Financial Support program are central to our ability to continue to offer these wonderful scientific experiences to our young scientists.

How Can I, or My Organization, Become a Funding Sponsor?
If you are concerned about the availability of scientists and engineers in Canada in the years to come, you can help by becoming a DRSA sponsor. Our funding partners include private corporations, small, independent businesses, government agencies (municipal, provincial and federal), service clubs and individuals. Their collective support is financially essential to DRSA; it is also a vital endorsement of the importance of recruiting young people to R&D careers.


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Funds may be donated specifically to our Bursary Fund or to help cover general program costs. Funds may also be donated to a specific campus or to the national office for use at all our campuses.


What Are the Benefits of Being a Funding Sponsor?

Funding assistance creates a win-win for all participants; the students, the tutors, the scientists, the research laboratories, and the donors who are helping to build a culture of science and research in Canada.

As a donor, you are contributing to the development of an educated, experience workforce critical to the new knowledge-based economy, a workforce we will need to draw from in the future.

Your support enables you to expand your community and education partnership initiatives.


How will my contribution be acknowledged by DRSA?

Funders are categorized into classes and acknowledged as follows:




$10,000 – $24,999


$5,000 – $9,999


$2,000 – $4,999


$1,000 – $1,999


< $1,000

As a funding partner, you will receive significant recognition through promotional materials which include:

Deep River Science Academy Annual Report
Promotional Brochures
These publications are distributed to:
over 2,000 high schools




government agencies

community groups

and media across Canada.

We will also name you or your organization as a funders on our web site. Organizations may have a direct link created from their name on our funding page to their own organizational web site.

The Board of Directors is also open to discussing with donor organizations other ways which will help to acknowledge their contribution to Deep River Science Academy.