Research Partners open their doors to DRSA students and Research Assistant s and provide them with research opportunities and the direction of professional researchers to oversee the projects. The research is conducted in government labs, universities, and private companies.
The benefit to all our research partners is basically one of long-term support for the research work that is the reason for their existence. For DRSA, the environment provided by our host establishments is essential and they are enthusiastic supporters, providing services such as transportation as well as some direct financial assistance. In return, participating researchers each receive the services of a Research Assistant for 15 weeks or the services of a senior Research Assistant for 24 weeks. They also enjoy the contribution and enthusiasm of the DRSA students.

Ultimately, The Academy could not operate without the encouragement and assistance of our participating laboratories and the enthusiasm of their staff. As well as the sustained support of the management of our numerous host research establishments, there is significant individual commitment from many of their researchers. They, and their Research Assistants, have the exacting task of elevating the DRSA student from observer to participant status in the world of science.